Friday, August 26, 2011

(Seat recliner) Bolts Bucket seats Screws 2 types.

Seat Bolts Bucket seats Screws 2 types.
1971 to the beginning of the plastic cover used a shorter bolt approx 25mm.(silver Zinc)
1973 to the end of HQ used a 35mm screw with spring washer only(black phosphate)

Number plate holder bolts.

These bolts are on there own. They have a very thin head .
They are silver zinc.
The washers flat and spring cross over with the front and rear bar washers and are gold in colour.

Indicator lens screw.

These are the front indicator lens screws. These cross over with the rear tail light screws.
They are finished in black zinc.

Front indicator to bar screws.

These are the same for the entire HQ run. They are finished in silver Zinc
6 per car.

Front indicator clips.

These are the same over the entire HQ range. They are finished in black zinc.
6 per car. Once again they are on there own NO Crossover.

Rear bar bolts. Black zinc.

One again there are 2 types.
These are 73 74. What month the change accured who knows.

Number plate earth screw.

Please note all these screws and bolts are genuine Holden parts.
Not someones interpretation of what the are.
Lots of ebay sellers annoy me with there shit reproductions.
And whats worse the don't even know the difference.

Fuel Tank Bolts.

Here are the fuel tank mounting bolts.Once again there are 2 different types one long and one short.
The bolt is silver Zinc and the nuts are gold.
These bolts are on there own 2 per car and that's it.

Tail light screws all HQs

Here are photos of the rear taillight housing screws.
There are 2 type early 71 72 73. Late 73 and 74.
The early screw has a hex head and is silver cad or zinc.
The later screw is a Phillips head with a star washer.
The screw is silver zinc and the star washer is gold zinc.

Tail lamp clip.

These are the clip that mount the tail light housing to the bumper bar.
There are 6 per car.
Surface finish Black Zinc.
They are only used on the rear bar NO Crossover.